Cultural Excursions

Santo Domingo Church, Museum and Garden

Step back in time upon entering the ex-monastery, Santo Domingo de Guzmán, just north of the city center and five-minutes from our school. Completed in 1666 and used during the Mexican revolutionary war as military barracks, Santo Domingo has many stories to tell. Within the hallways, rooms and corridors that formerly constituted the convent, you will find original pre-Columbian artifacts and outside, an ethnobotanical garden with many plants native to the region.

Monte Albán Ruins

Imagine the past when you visit the breathtaking socio-political and economic epicenter of the Zapotec civilization. Built on a hill overlooking the central valley, you will climb pyramids constructed around 500 BC, read Zapotec hieroglyphics and take in the essence of one of Mesoamerica’s earliest cities.

Mitla Ruins

Compliment your visit to Monte Albán by touring the Zapotec religious center, destroyed after the Conquest. Perusing the constructions that remain, you will see the most developed architecture of the Zapotec civilization; churches and stonework built 10,000 years in the past.