Spanish Classes at Xacnda Spanish School Oaxaca

We have Spanish classes for everyone!

At Xcanda Spanish School we have classes for everyone. Below is the timetable for our summer and winter total immersion courses. Please contact us if you would like to sign up for one of the courses, require further information about these intensive courses or if you require a more bespoke service, we are more than happy to help.

Summer Classes

4 Week Blocks Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Monday – Thursday Times: Times: Times:
9-1 Intensive 9-1 Level Specific 9-1 Level Specific
1-3 Break 1-3 Break 1-3 Break
3-4 Convo 3-4 Convo 3-4 Convo
4-6 ‘Extra’ 4-6 ‘Extra’ 4-6 ‘Extra’
Friday 9-1 Intensive/Cultural Talk 9-1 Cultural Talk 9-1 Cultural Talk
Every Other Saturday Excursion Excursion Excursion
*Footnotes WKS 1-3: Intensive Mid-Month: Class Change Final Excursion: Beach
WK 3: Placement Exam

Winter Classes

Monday – Thursday Friday Saturday
Week 1-3 Times: Times:
Wk3:*Placement Exam 9-1 Intensive 9-1 Intensive Excursion
1-3 Break 1-3 Break
3-4 Convo 3-4 Convo
4-6 ‘Extra’ 4-6 ‘Extra’
Week 4-6 Times: Times:
Wk4:*’Extra’ Class Switch 9-1 Level Specific Free Excursion
1-3 Break
3-4 Convo
4-6 ‘Extra’